1. Who can attend SALUTE events?
Unless specified otherwise, SALUTE events are open exclusively to SALUTE members. Our events are designed to foster a sense of community and provide unique opportunities for our members to connect and grow together.

2. Are there any events open to non-members?
Yes, we do have certain events open to non-members. Based on availability, members will be informed that they can invite guests to attend along with them and non-members can send a request to hello@salute.community to attend.

4. Why are most events exclusive to SALUTE members?
Our member-exclusive events are a way of ensuring that we provide a tailored and beneficial experience for our SALUTE community. These events are designed to meet the specific interests and needs of our members.

5. As a SALUTE member, do I need to register for events in advance?
Yes, we ask SALUTE members to RSVP through the calendar invites we send for our events if they wish to attend. This helps us in planning and ensuring a quality experience for all attendees.

6. Who can I contact for more information about an event?For any inquiries regarding specific events, please contact hello@salute.community.